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ilsse peredo

Born in Mexico, Ilsse Peredo is a visual artist based in Miami.


My role as an artist is to be an ambassador of the human experience. My art is a platform for resistance, a tool for liberation, and a window into an alternate reality. Through it I share my own (and others’) experiences to fight taboos and stigmas that have been created through history about feminism, identity, race, culture, mental health, spirituality, plant medicine, gender, sexuality and more. My art is self reflection, every piece has a lot of me in them. But it also has a lot of you.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from capturing moments and people from different countries, lifestyles and beliefs, is that we all share the same 24 hours. 

My work is about my passions, it is my personal vision and interpretation of everything that our eyes can see and what they can't. It is the space where I continue to excavate my own soul.

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Image credit: Johel Pereira

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