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created by s[Lab], absentia is a sanctuary for souls seeking solace in artistic expression. a testament to the resilience of communities that find unity and strength in rhythm, movement, and shared experiences. absentia delves deeper into the cultural roots of dance floors and communal spaces. 

in a world where chaos often reigns, absentia offers a refuge, reminding us of the power of art to heal, inspire, and bring people together.

more than just an art installation, it's a testament to the resilience of communities that find unity and strength in rhythm, movement, and shared experiences. 

absentia is an interactive installation that blurs the lines between architecture, art, and nature. 


during daylight hours, "absentia" appears as an intricate lattice of scaffolding, interwoven with vibrant, translucent fabrics that billow gently in the wind. the combination of the scaffolding's geometric framework and the colorful fabric creates a striking visual display, casting playful shadows and allowing sunlight to filter through, painting the space with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors.

as the sun descends below the horizon, "absentia" evolves into an enchanting temple of light and textures. the fabric that was once vibrant and translucent now takes on a luminescent quality, glowing softly in the darkness. hidden lights embedded within the scaffolding come to life, casting a gentle, otherworldly glow throughout the installation turning into an ethereal temple of light and textures. 

in the ethereal spaces of the art installation “absentia”, a ballet performance unfolds, capturing the essence of dance as one of the purest forms of expression. the dancers calista and evan from the miami city ballet honor the timeless tradition of ballet, a classic art form that has stirred souls for centuries.

the dance is accompanied by a symphony of sounds produced by the argentinian pianist pato romero that pays homage to the rich heritage of classic and house music. 

the performance at “absentia” is not merely an exhibition of physical agility and musicality; it is a reverent tribute to the arts. it celebrates the beauty of ballet, uplifts the genius of classic music, and embraces the spirit of house music. this harmonious fusion is a testament to the power of dance and music to unite, inspire, and honor the rich tapestry of human creativity.

the installation encompasses a 60’ x 30’ footprint (1,800 sq. ft.) and consists of one altar piece and a hallway piece.​

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