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visual artist ilsse peredo

image credit: johel pereira

ilsse peredo, born in mexico and based in miami, is a multifaceted visual artist whose work transcends traditional boundaries to explore the essence of human experience through photography, ceramics, and immersive installations. her work is a  journey through emotion, identity, and connectivity in a world increasingly segmented and disconnected.


peredo's photography acts as a visual odyssey, inviting the observer into a realm of self-reflection, urging a connection with personal narratives and those of others. she holds a conviction that photography is a tool for social critique and cultural chronicle. her art aims to elevate the voices of the underrepresented, illuminating societal challenges, confronting taboos, and questioning established perceptions.


her ceramics reflects her deep connection to her mexican roots and spirituality. her creations embody a tactile manifestation of the human experience. working with clay as her medium, she creates forms of life with her hands.


expanding her artistic expression, ilsse ventures into the world of installation art, where her love for curating immersive environments takes center stage. her installations are meticulously designed to engage all five senses, utilizing color, scent, lighting, texture, and even taste to forge transformative spaces. through innovative and ancestral approaches, she makes the entire room a living, breathing artwork. this multidimensional approach allows viewers to experience art with their entire being, activating their minds and senses in unprecedented ways.


ilsse's art becomes a platform for resistance, a tool for liberation, and a portal to alternative realities. she invites her audience to partake in their own spiritual journeys, to reconnect with their origins, and to celebrate the restorative power of creation. her works resonate with the innate human desire for connection, self-discovery, and the transformative capacity of art to light the way. through her diverse artistic practices, ilsse peredo champions the power of art to unify, to provoke thought, and to heal, offering a deeply engaging experience that lingers long after the initial encounter.

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