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the inflatable skyline is a thought-provoking and visually striking piece made by s[Lab], that engages with the complex issues facing miami today, particularly those related to the city's rapid growth and the tension between development and cultural preservation. through its playful and approachable form, the piece invites viewers to consider the pressing concerns of housing affordability, inflation, and the proliferation of high-rise construction in the city.


at the same time, the inflatable skyline serves as a poignant commentary on miami's current state, which is often characterized by an opportunistic and development-minded approach that sometimes disregards the city's rich history and cultural heritage. by foregrounding these issues, the piece invites viewers to reflect on the choices and challenges facing the city as it continues to grow and evolve.

a city inflated, ripe for disruption.

while appealing to the eye, the entrance to the installation represents historical cultural icons that embody the complications of development:

glass blocks, a mainstay of miami’s art deco and postmodernist movements, “miami pink” colored sidewalk in honor of our iconic south beach sidewalks, yellow for our sandy beaches, and deep blue for biscayne bay, digital billboards showing historical footage juxtaposed with current culture satirical advertisements of the city,


ilsse peredo’s calle 8cho photo series covering cuban-american residents of little havana, 

all of these elements represent the intertwined nature between our current growth and the city’s complex history.

we are a city of immigrants, artists, creatives, dreamers, lovers and fighters. many of us left our homes and countries behind to a land of opportunity, many of us found a refuge, a home and success within its skyline. 

it is time we have an introspective look at society’s collective delusion of grandeur during miami’s current boom. 


miami is not a trend. 

miami is not soulless.

miami is not a commodity. 

miami is us. 

bienvenidos a miami. 

the installation encompasses a 30’ x 40’ footprint (1,200 sq. ft.) and consists of 19 buildings up to 15’ in height.

all inflatables are made of recycled PET bottles and biodegradable ink. 

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